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The NF Community Meet-Up: A Reflection

LAST Sunday was the NF community meet-up at the Nancy Hands Pub in Dublin. It was a great success, where the NF community from every corner of Ireland got together and socialised in a relaxed manner. From a personal point of view, it was a personal milestone too, being the first event which I helped organise […]

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Reflecting Upon Event Week: Two Successful Charity Events

LAST week was a huge week for the Neurofibromatosis Association of Ireland. Held back-to-back, we had the Golf Classic at Corstown Golf Club, followed by the charity football match at Swords Celtic Ground’s. The events went exceedingly well, illustrating many facets of our work; how we can take the lead in organising events, and also […]

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My Child Has NF1: The Parental Paranoia

Editors note: The following is a blog submitted by a member of the Irish NF community, who asked to remain anonymous. The subject of this blog is parental paranoia associated with being a parent of a child with NF.    What’s so different about being an NF1 parent? Or NF1 and parental paranoia – let’s […]

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What Does NF Mean to You?

Starting this blog has been a project that was always going to take time to get off the ground, and one undoubtedly hindered by the nature what NF does to people – the often ‘need’ for anonymity. Although we encourage an inclusive and knowledgeable NF community and wider society with regard to NF, we understand […]

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An Anonymous Account: Living with NF1

The following blog post is from a member of the Neurofibromatosis Association of Ireland, recounting their life with NF1. They respectfully asked to remain anonymous, so we ask for readers to not try and decipher who the original author is.   Living with NF1..   I remember being a child and going swimming –  all […]

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A New Blog For NF Ireland

There has been much talk of a new blog on the NF Ireland site in recent weeks, and at one point it seemed it may not happen, but fear not, today we are launching our new WordPress blog, replacing our old News page! Firstly, welcome. Kevin Kelly here, the (still new) Communications and Fundraising Coordinator. […]

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