A Message from your Chairperson

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Dear members

Your new committee is starting to learn how an association committee is run.

They are starting to see the financial condition the association is actually in.

The committee is there to oversee and run the association on a day to day basis. They see the

committee cannot do everything in fundraising and run the association at the same time.

Some members want to see a return of the respite weekends but without the finances these cannot be run.

If members fundraised there may be a way the weekends can return.

A good bag pack in a local supermarket can raise about two thousand euro. To do one of these you need to approach the manager of your local supermarket and ask them about having it.The association can

assist in any way they can when you have it organised.

A church gate collection can be organised by asking the local parish priest.Once you stay inside the

gates you do not need a permit. These can vary in what you collect due to the size of the parish.

If you have a child in school you could ask them to have a no uniform day, a jersey day or a cake sale.

If the school has a large amount of students this could amount to over a thousand euro.

A quiz night can be fun and with a raffle can generate a lot of cash.

If you the members helped raise enough money we may be able to organise something to get the membership together somewhere for a weekend.

I am asking you the members if you want to see the association continue into the future you need to assist in fundraising in order to keep going.

Please remember our association is going over thirty years.

In conclusion I would like to thank the following people,

Patricia Nutty who was chairperson for many years

Paddy Griffin who was ceo for a long time

Eddie Creevey who was treasurer

And finally one of our founding members Mr. Jimmy Corr who was secretary of the association. To see the association fail I think would be a sin in it is going a long time and has a lot of respect from a lot of associations around the world. This respect would not be there but for the work of people such as the previous committee.


Paul Fox