Reflecting Upon Event Week: Two Successful Charity Events

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LAST week was a huge week for the Neurofibromatosis Association of Ireland. Held back-to-back, we had the Golf Classic at Corstown Golf Club, followed by the charity football match at Swords Celtic Ground’s.

The events went exceedingly well, illustrating many facets of our work; how we can take the lead in organising events, and also help the community mould an event.

Golf Classic

Our golf event was primarily organised by our Treasurer Eddie Creevey, while the subsequent charity football match was mainly organised by Phil Mooney, the father of a young child with NF1, who was simply interested in raising NF awareness and helping the organisation.

Eddie and his wife Chrissy

The process for both events began many months ago, with the golf event stretching back to the early months of the year. From a personal point of view, I got to witness and help facilitate charity events of such a scale for the very first time.

Helping create and facilitate large charity events comes with many challenges, inevitably, but many great joys, too. Seeing the events be built from the ground up was fascinating, and of course very enjoyable.

The golf event had many challenges, primarily getting enough teams to compete to make it truly worthwhile. We wanted 25 teams of four people to take part on the day, while we ended with just 13 teams. Provisionally, we had 24 with a week to go, so the drop-off is clear and illustrates problems we’d need to iron out for future events.

Despite that, we had about 18 companies sponsor tee-boxes at the competition, which was a big positive. The challenges we faced in creating the golf event should go a long way in making any similar future events a far bigger success.

Golf Day Poster

As ever we want to use any event as a vehicle of spreading awareness of NF. On the day of the event we had NF information leaflets on the reception table as each competitor on the day walked in, while afterwards we made sure each table in the pub/dining area had several NF information leaflets.

Above all the golf event can only be classed as a success, wherein it raised well over €2,000 (final counts to be made), while we raised awareness of the condition through online and direct marketing in the lead up to and during the event itself.

Charity Match

The following Saturday night (Sept 30) was the charity football match. As stated earlier, this was an event organised not by the organisation itself, but by a father who has a very personal interest in strengthening the NF Association, and spreading awareness of the condition.

Phil’s daughter Ella (4) was diagnosed with NF1 18 months ago. For many parents this is going to be a daunting and scary time. Phil’s determination to make this day a success was clear from the beginning, where he organised the likes of Eamonn Fennell, ex Dublin and All-Ireland winner to feature in this match.

Charity Match Poster


The opposition were the Irish Medical Football Team, a collection of doctors who take part in the doctor World Cup, held every two years. These doctors came from every corner of Ireland to take part in Saturday’s match, wherein they donated €320 to the association, as well of course as their time and effort.

They were fine players too, scoring six goals on the night, beating their opposition in a thrilling 6-2 victory. The match itself drew fine crowds, including local councillors and even some of the NF community who travelled all the way from Limerick to be a part of the night itself.

The match was only the beginning; already there are tentative plans to do it again next summer, in August, making it a bigger and even better event. It is only with the time and effort of people like Phil and his wife Angeline that the NF organisation has been running since 1985, and will continue to do so many years into the future.



We hope these events can inspire more people from the NF community to take the ropes next year and beyond, in organising their own events, raising NF awareness and funds for the organisation.

If anyone has any questions about anything my email is, and my work phone number is 085 – 702 0024.

Thanks 😊