Details for NF Association AGM 2018

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Hello all,

Kevin Kelly here, the Communications and Fundraising Coordinator with the Neurofibromatosis Association of Ireland. Last week I brought to you a message of immense urgency: the need to fill the voluntary roles of secretary and treasurer – it could not be bigger. Indeed, if those roles are not filled following the AGM then the charity itself may cease to exist.

The Neurofibromatosis Association of Ireland is holding it’s AGM on March 10th at the Nancy Hands Pub on Park Gate Street, Dublin, from 11AM until approximately 3PM. Whilst the AGM has often been held in the nearby Ashling Hotel, we have moved venues to a nearby pub, which was the setting for our NF community meet-up last Autumn.

The key talking point at the AGM will be the aforementioned need for these roles to be filled. Eddie Creevey, our Treasurer, and James Corr, our secretary, wish to retire from these roles which they have earnestly performed with efficiency and passion for years. Paddy Griffin, who headed the charities’ operations for years, as well as board member Patricia Nutty, all wish to retire from their roles.

To be a registered charity in Ireland these roles must legally be filled. The calls for new members have gone on for a long time, far longer than I came on board only last summer. Yet the urgency for change has accelerated ten-fold in recent months. We are appealing to the nationwide NF community to come to the AGM and openly discuss the situation which lies ahead of us.

This should not be seen as a negative situation, but as an incredibly positive opportunity whereby new faces can introduce new ideas and help mould the charity for decades to come. We urge people to consider such roles – and of course, simply coming to monthly board meetings. The need for new faces as well as having the roles of secretary and treasurer is also of utmost importance.

So please, come to the AGM on March 10 at the Nancy Hands. Help save a charity which has existed since 1985, and hopes to exist beyond 2085. If you require more information, then email

Kind regards,

Kevin Kelly

Communications and Fundraising Coordinator