Simone’s Story

Information, help & support
for those who need it.

My name is Simone, I’m 38 and I
have NF1. I’m the first in my family
with NF. I was little when doctors
found out what I have.
I have known bullying all my life, since
school. I have no real friends, only
social media friends I can talk to. My
tumors are all over my skin.
Music is helping me in every
situation. I’m a huge Westlife fan.
My accounts on IG are:
@westlife_promoteam_germ2.0 &
Two of the Westlife lads, Mark and
Kian, are watching my stories there.
I play e-piano for myself and I sing
for myself. Listening to Westlife
brings me back my smile.
I was working in a care home till
October 2022.
Best regards