Strengthening the NF Association; Seeking Corporate Sponsorship

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for those who need it.

The NF Association are seeking sponsorship opportunities with businesses to raise awareness of the condition and the association, as well as raising much-needed funding in order for the organisation to sustain and grow.  

Survival, then growth, is the basic road ahead for the NF Association. We face many challenges as a small national charity, but ones we must continually face head on, never allowing any one problem become too big and too stark to overcome.

We are seeking partnerships with businesses and will be looking into this in detail over the coming months. Having personally come on board in June it is my (Kevin Kelly) responsibility to research the possibilities of finding such partnerships.

The key term which has arisen from initial research is corporate social responsibility. It is that social responsibility for big companies where a mutually beneficial relationship can grow. Corporates partnering with non-profits means staff morale boost, it means potentially excellent PR.

I am in the process of reading vast swathes of articles online to collate the best plan going forward. The process will be ongoing for the foreseeable future and one we will nEed to take our time with. Clearly, as a small charity we need to understand certain big corporations may not see us as a worthy sponsorship partnership.

Equally, as an organisation we need to make sure any given sponsorship makes sense for our community – that it can help raise awareness of the condition, and not put forward and moral or tangible conflicts of interest.

One of the main reasons for this blog today is transparency. At the Deloitte Impact Day last month, I spoke with one of their staff who happens to have a child with NF1, and we discussed openly the challenges facing the organisation today and in the future.

It was transparency which seemed to be the key issue – transparency in terms of how we actually help, where your money goes, and our plans for the future. Since then I have tried to be clearer with the community about what we can actually do to help; for example, sending out NF information booklets to family and educators.

Another layer of transparency is of course plans such as this, where we are hoping to link up with big companies for sponsorship opportunities. We hope this transparency means perhaps someone in the community may have a lead, wherein we could explore any given opportunity together.

The next 12 months may seem like a challenge for the organisation, but it is one I personally am looking forward to challenging head on. We hope – and I expect – that we come out of it stronger than before, with new people involved in the committee, with new funding, and a stronger voice to raise NF awareness.

Thanks for reading – as ever if anyone has any questions the best place to contact me is via email at Alternatively you can ring at 085 – 702 0024.