Planning A Family

There are a number of compelling reasons why couples planning a family may need to know if they have NF. If one or both parents have the condition they may find it difficult to decide on whether to have children. While no one can make this decision for anyone else, it may be helpful however, to summarise some of the concerns that are often expressed.

The 50 / 50 Risk

A parent with NF has a 50% risk with each pregnancy to have a child with NF.


NF is variable and unpredictable. A parent’s case gives no indication of how severe or mild a child’s case will be, or what NF complications a child will have.

Help With Making The Decision:

Genetic counselling can help couples to work through the decision-making process. Genetic counsellors do not tell couples what to do. Instead, they provide information, clarify issues, and can also explain possible alternatives. In this way, the couple is encouraged, with the support of the counsellor, to arrive at a decision that is right for them.

Genetic Counselling Services are available via:

The National Genetic Centre,
Our Lady’s Hospital,
Crumlin, Dublin 12.
Telephone: 01-409-6100