The Neurofibromatosis Association of Ireland largely depend on voluntary donations to deliver essential services to families affected by Neurofibromatosis, in fact without voluntary donations and sponsorship events this support group could not survive. 

Currently the main focus is on the development of services at the newly established Neurofibromatosis clinic conducted by Professor Andrew Green at the Centre for Medical Genetics, Our Lady's Hospital, Crumlin.

A counselling services paid for by the association and available through the clinic can make a real difference particularly to the lives of those newly diagnosed with this common but little understood genetic condition Neurofibromatosis.


Neurofibromatosis (NF) is a genetic condition. This means it belongs to a group of health conditions that can be passed on in families from one generation to the next through the process of genetic inheritance

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At NF Ireland we aim to be a voice for NF patients and their families. During our work we are continually inspired by those around us who fight Neurofibromatosis on a daily basis.

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We rely on fundraising, donations and corporate support in order to continue to provide vital information and support services to the friends and family of people affected by NF, free of charge.

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Our NF Clinic is based in the Department of Genetics, Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Dublin 12.

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