NF Association of Ireland Clinics

At NF Ireland we aim to be a voice for NF patients and their families. During our work we are continually inspired by those around us who fight Neurofibromatosis on a daily basis. Our primary aim is to inform sufferers and their families of the disorder, supporting them and letting them know they are not alone with the condition.


More information about our clinics. How to contact them and where to find them.


We expalin more about NF. What it is and facts about the condition


Find out more about the NF Fighters and the NF Heroes. Extraordinary people sharing their story.


Our main source of funding is fundraising. Here are some ideas about how you can help us and get involved.


There are a number of compelling reasons why couples planning a family may need to know if they have NF. If one or both parents have the condition they may find it difficult to decide on whether to have children. While no one can make this decision for anyone else, it may be helpful however, to summarise some of the concerns that are often expressed.